Birthdays are special occasions in our lives. For teenagers, it becomes even bigger because of their bursting energy and expectations from life. You must have thought about 'boys birthday party ideas' many times. How about thinking something innovative this time? Why not make it memorable such that you can cherish it in full spirit for all the times to come? Making a film together can be fun, educative and a great departure from the mundane celebrations.

As parents, you can give a perfect gift to your teenager in which he can see his fantasy come true. If not forever, then at least for a few hours! Studies show that satisfied youngsters perform better and lead happier may help you achieve this goal of presenting a unique and memorable gift to your child. They offer a range of boys birthday parties with different themes. The children get to actively participate in the film making process. This helps them understand what goes behind the scenes. It brings them together and teaches them teamwork.

One of the themes of the birthday parties includes 'Popstar party'. The child can pick his favourite track and popstar and then get filmed as if he were performing on that song. A maximum of 20 participants are allowed in this theme party. A team of professionals is dedicated to the party boys for technical guidance. Costume, equipment, and assistance in distributing invites to the friends are provided in the package. Another theme party is 'green screen popstar party'. You can get filmed on a green background which can later be replaced by any place of your choice. You are allotted the required equipment and a team of professionals to carry out the process.

Another theme is 'moviemakers' in which the party boy and his guests can participate in movie making activity. They can act as directors and editors of a movie. Two professionals and an assistant are dedicated for the party. Yet another theme is that of 'movie star party'. In this theme, you get to live like a movie star and get to walk the red carpet. You would be made to feel as if you were really a celebrity. A crew of about 6 members is dedicated to make this happen. Then there are many more themes including that of a Genie film. Some of the themes may take more than one full day for the shoot, though nearly everything can be adjusted as per the party boy's convenience.

Packages and duration for each of the themes vary and the number of participants cannot be more than the number approved by the academy. Making of a film during the party can be a great innovative present for your child.

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